Sheet metal bending

We provide metal bending services. With the help of professional CNC equipment our specialists perform high-precision sheet metal bending from our raw material or on a commission basis. Metal bending is performed on modern machines from leading European manufacturers. The equipment makes it possible to bend metal sheets up to 20 millimeters thick.

One of the most important things in metal bending is a variety of tools for the bending press, for complex tasks in our arsenal of about 10 types of tools and more than 100 units. Here are examples of tools:

Features of the technology

Bending is carried out without the use of welding equipment. The technology makes it possible to produce voluminous workpieces without the use of different types of joints.

The simplicity and convenience of the technology saves a lot of time and speeds up the production process. An alternative to bending is welding assembly, which takes more time and requires a significant monetary investment.

Bending has the following advantages:

  • It allows you to change the geometry of the sheet metal using presses and other mechanical devices;
  • Self-bending sheet metal can lead to defects. Such work must be carried out by experienced professionals and professional equipment.
  • For all types of work on the bending of sheet metal, rolled products are warranted.
  • Bending of metal sheets in Minsk for favorable prices is available in the company “ProfStal-Stroy”.

The cost of metal bending depends on the complexity and volume of work. After consultation our specialists will provide you with a detailed calculation.

Due to the work of production in three shifts we carry out large orders for a short period of time. Finished products are delivered all over Belarus by our transport.

For more information please contact us via telephone numbers listed on the site. Request a call-back and we will promptly contact you, provide expert advice and place your order.