Flexible of metal: Use, Technology, Equipment

Various forms and types of rolled metal are often used in different fields. However, the very process of processing metal alloys and giving the latter a specific shape remains a mystery to most. Bending is used as the main method of metal processing, and the features of this process will be disclosed


Metal bending is an industrial process in which sheet metal is formed into a specific shape. As a result of such technological processing, a volumetric element or part is produced from a flat metal workpiece (i.e. a sheet). An object made by this method is a volumetric product without seams or any other types of joints.
The very process of changing the configuration of a metal sheet occurs due to:

  • mechanical impact on the structure of the metal;
  • exposure to high temperatures.

This process can be characterized as stretching the outer layer of the material while compressing the inner one. Thus, the workpiece can be given the required shape with specific parameters.


Today, precision metal bending is widely used. This method has proven to be more efficient than stamping. Basically, this processing method is used in the production of a large number of products – for example, pipes and fittings, various profile products. Also, this technology is used in construction (for metal and sheet metal) and various types of assembly work (partially bent metal). Many more craftsmen (for example, decorative forging) use this type of processing for their work.


The main advantage of this method of sheet metal processing is the high accuracy of linear measurements of the finished product. It is equally important that the products made by this metal forming method are seamless. This significantly increases the reliability and mechanical stability of the products. In addition, such processing significantly improves the structure of the metal itself, making it more durable and resistant to corrosion. But this is applicable provided that sheets of brittle grades of metal alloys are not used for bending. It should be noted that the very procedure for manufacturing metal products by this method is more effective. This is because a relatively high production rate can be achieved. And by minimizing the cost of human labor (if we mean industrial production), this method of sheet metal processing significantly reduces the cost of the finished product.