Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor

The belt conveyor with discharge trolley is used in the majority of production plants: in agriculture, mining, chemical and food industry. In metal industry, in ports, in warehouses etc. these conveyor belts are used without fail.

Why conveyor belts are used?

The belt conveyor is a high-capacity unit. This is independent of its travel speed and length. It is used both as part of a machine set and as an independent unit.

Such a conveyor belt is designed for the continuous transport of loads. Bulk solids and bulk materials are handled by this conveyor. The material is transported either horizontally or at an angle of up to 18°.

In mining and quarrying, this method transports not only the mined material, but also people.

The productivity of this type of equipment is measured by the number of cubic meters of material moved per hour. Some production plants need to move several thousand cubic metres per hour; for smaller facilities only a few cubic metres are sufficient. Horizontal and combined tracks are up to 10-12 km long.